World Card Making Day (Week) 2018 - My Crafty Space


So I started crafting more to participate in World Card Making Day contests, and this is how my craft space looked when I made the first card on Oct 6th :) You might not want to see how it looks now though! :D

And since we recently moved to the US, my crafting supplies are very limited and I do not have a dedicated place to craft. I just craft on the floor and keep organizing stuff every time I finish a card.

Linking to,
1. Joy Clair - WCMD 18 My Space
2. W&W WCMD 2018 Craftie


  1. Ooh you are in the US now!!! So you can buy lots and lots of new craft supplies now!! Enjoy my friend!

    1. Haha thank you doc :) I started with the gemini junior :)

  2. Your space dosen't look that messy ;)


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