An Inch August - Day 29


Here is my 29th creation for the AnInchAugust challenge at Instagram. It is a month long challenge for August where you get to show your creativity 'in an inch'. Check out the details here and do participate :)

I made a pyramid card for Day 29 in my favorite black and blue combination. I am a lover of blue and this metallic blue is just perfect with black.

So this card has 4 layers of square shaped cards to form the pyramid, since it was just 1inch. It would have more layers when done in bigger size, forming a pyramid shape when viewed sideways.

Watch the video below to see how tiny the card is, and the layers forming the pyramid.

Here is the final list of all my creations for this challenge.
Thank you for stopping by, hope you like my tiny card! Do let me know your feedback! Have a nice day :)